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Want more traffic, more links, more followers and a web site that generates sales? PositionONE gives you the solutions you need to succeed.

I’m Rob Hitchens. I’ve led development teams through cutting-edge application development since the inception of the Internet. Just after 2000 my company, InSite Media was approached by multiple clients to boost their search engine positions.

So began my exploration of how search engines really work and practical processes that work every time. By 2003, online marketing management was my core business.

Given the explosion of content-management solutions and interoperability between services, unique solutions are possible at a fraction of the cost of completely custom builds. Still, every client is unique. Every project has a special business requirement that will the cornerstone of a lasting and significant competitive advantage. My network of specialists is standing by to make magic happen.

In 2016, Internet Marketing includes labor-intensive ongoing activities. This is largely due to people like me who learned how to build it once and win the search engine game. Content production and distribution, Social Media presence and managing Links takes time. There is no shortcut.

Fortunately for us in Canada, there are labor markets throughout the world where top-notch talent is available at a fraction of the local cost.

You set the goals. I manage your project. My team does the heavy lifting. You get results.

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I am realizing very quickly that hiring you annually is not just about website hosting  but overall you have the ability to dissect the financials and apply a worst case scenario to the choices – therefore seeing the biggest return on your clients investment dollar overall- NOT just with google- but with the World Wide Web.
Mark Davie, Principle, DHL Mechanical

Over time, I’ve come to realize that the solution Rob created for us in 2003 anticipated our future needs more than we could appreciate at the time.
Tim West, Director & Secretary, Canadian Progress Club of Greater Vancouver

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